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Roof Replacement Cost: How to Get an Accurate Quote

If you're looking for information about roof replacement costs, you might be a little overwhelmed. There are so many types of roof, so many questions suppliers and contractors ask, and so many people giving you different information. We've compiled a list of some of the information you will need to share to get an accurate quote.

Site Inspections Are Important, But Not Always Critical

Most roofing contractors will want to come to your home or business to take a look at your roof, before they offer you a quote for your roof replacement cost.

However, while it's often a good idea to let them do this, it's not always entirely necessary to find out what roof replacement cost will be.

One way to get around this is to have them offer you more than one quote: one with removal of the old roofing material only, one if all other structural elements of the roof are in good condition, and one if it's not. It's almost impossible to tell what's happening underneath your roofing, and even if a contractor does look at it, they can't always tell.

There will always be the possibility of additional costs, but if you have these outlined in a quote already, they won't be a big surprise!

Provide All the Plans

When contractors and material suppliers estimate roofing, they can do it off your plans, provided they are accurate and drawn to scale, and provided they have all the plans available.

A roof plan will tell your contractor or material suppliers the length of the ridges, eaves and other horizontal aspects of the roof, but they don't show them the angles of the various parts of the roof. Of course, angles affect the actual length of the various planes of the roof, so your contractor or service proivider needs to know what these are.

In some cases, like metal roofing, where sheets are cut to length for each part of the roof, these are also critical to the correct supply of materials.

Know Your Material

Different types of roofing material require different types of installation. Some are easier to install, others take more time. All different types of roofing materials require different hardware and fittings.

Of course, all of these elements also affect your roof replacement cost.

You should always tell a contractor that is providing a quote on a new roof what the existing materials are, as well as the material you intend to install - even if you are supplying it yourself for installation only by a service provider.

Site Information

Finally, if you are looking for an accurate price for roof replacement costs, you will need to provide information on more than just the roof.

How many levels is your home or building? This will help the contractor to determine what equipment and safety gear they might need.

Are there restrictions on when the contractor can work, or are there issues like overhanging trees that they might have to deal with?

Will you provide any on site facilities, like a waste bin for old roofing material?

All of these factors can affect the price of a new roof, and you should always provide as many as possible.


If you're looking for roof replacement cost information, why not post your requirements here? You can set a budget and a timeline, write a detailed description and upload photographs, roof plans and more, to get accurate quotes from multiple service providers. You can even answer pre quote questions via the public message board on each quote. It's the EASIEST way to find out what your roof replacement will cost!

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